EMV 3D Secure Guide


EMV 3D Secure (aka 3D Secure 2) is the newest version of the 3D Secure protocol by EMVCo developed with purpose of improving the overall payment experience for the shopper.

With the introduction of the frictionless workflow and native mobile integration, the checkout experience is improved compared to the previous version of 3D Secure where the shopper was redirected to a different page for user authentication. Additionally, the upcoming PSD2 regulation in Europe, makes EMV 3DS the essential tool to achieve Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for credit card transactions. Finally, a merchant will be able to request exemptions for the challenge workflow for certain type of transactions and scenarios.

This documents will guide you through the EMV 3D Secure standard and answer to the three fundamental questions:

Further information can be found in the EMV 3D Secure FAQ page.

For a technical integration guide on how to implement EMV 3D Secure via OPP, refer to EMV 3D Secure Reference