Pay By Link Integration Guide

Pay by Link is a product where merchants can generate a payment link for their users to pay using the link. The payment link takes the shopper to a secure hosted payment page that works across different devices, where they can pay with their preferred payment method.

There are just three simple steps required to integrate :

How it works

Prepare the checkout and generate the payment link

Send the request parameters server-to-server to generate the payment link.

Send the link to the user

Send the link to the user via different modes - SMS, Email etc.

Get the payment status

Find out if the payment was successful.

1. Prepare the checkout and generate the payment link

First, perform a server-to-server POST request to prepare the checkout with the required data, including the order type, amount and currency. The response to a successful request is a JSON string with an link, which needs to be sent to the shopper. Using this link, the shopper will be able to perform the payment.

For a full list of parameters that can be sent in Step 1, please see the API Reference

Please note that for a HTTP POST request all the parameters are expected to go into the message body and not into the URL.

2. Send the link to the shopper via different modes - SMS, Email etc

The payment link generated in Step 1 needs to be sent to the shopper via means like SMS. The link can be sent to as part of the smsText attribute as below -

3. Get the payment status

Important: The baseUrl must end in a "/", e.g. "".

To get the status of the payment done via the payment link, you should make a GET request to the baseUrl + resourcePath, including your authentication parameters.

Example of a resourcePath:


Once a status response is successful the checkout identifier can't be used anymore. In this case the Transaction Reports endpoint can be used to get the transaction status using the payment id.