Smart Engage

Smart Engage

Smart Engage is a new mobile engagement platform that can turn any mobile app into a super app! Unique interactive capabilities will transform the way consumers engage with your business via mobile, leading to increased sales, high quality consumer engagement and improved loyalty.

With ‘Smart Engage SDK Inside’ merchants can connect with consumers through a suite of unique mobile centric ways, including the consumers location, to drive footfall, boost in app sales and finally leverage your investment in mobile proposition.


Full-featured application suite. Capabilities that can be integrated into your application include:

  • Enabling Shoppable ads
  • Creating a browsable Mall
  • Detection of Geozones
  • Detection of encoded visual media like Photos, QR Codes, Barcodes
  • Detection of encoded audio streams
  • Presentation of target media, like Products, Categories, Act Interactions, and Act Promotion/Information pages.
  • Consumer account creation, consumer profile, wallet management, and purchase history.
  • Detailed reporting of consumer behaviour, measurable target goals & retention
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