ConnectIn Workflow

ConnectIn Workflow

The diagrams in the section only represent the interactions between Shopper, Merchant, ACI and the Integrator. The messages exchanged between the Integrator and the APM/Acquirer are only partially represented.

Credit Cards





Virtual Account


This workflow allows the integration of APMs that require redirections and intermediate status for deferred payments, for which the final status is not known immediately after the shopper concludes the process at the APM.


  • Status-update notifications Integration Guide-Async Notifications (Integrator --> ACI) should be preferably done using notificationURL rather than sending the status together with the shopper redirection using shopperResultUrl. In the second case, if the shopper redirection fails, the status would be never changed at ACI platform.
  • Notice that the parameters shopperResultUrl and notificationUrl are generated in and point to the ACI platform. The shopperResultUrl with the same name sent by the merchant is not forwarded to the middleware. The integrator redirects the shopper to ACI after the payment is finished at the APM and ACI will perform the redirection to the merchant.
  • COPYandPAY



    Prepayment/Invoice/Online-Transfer – Receipt workflows





    3D Secure

    3DS 1.0


    3DS 1.0 fields sent to the integrator in the PIM:

    • ECI
    • verificationId
    • xid

    3DS 2.0


    3DS 2.0 fields sent to the integrator in the PIM:

    • Directory Server transaction ID - threeDSecure.dsTransactionId
    • 3D Secure version - threeDSecure.version
    • 3DS Requestor Challenge Indicator - threeDSecure.challengeIndicator
    • ACS Challenge mandate indicator - threeDSecure.challengeMandatedIndicator
    • Exemption flag - threeDSecure.exemptionFlag
    • Authentication Type - threeDSecure.authenticationType
    • ACSTransactionID
    • Child links
    • Eci – threeDSecure.eci
    • VerificationId - threeDSecure.verificationId

    Create the payment form

    For more details about these fields visit

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