ReD Shield

ReD Shield

This guide explains the integration steps to collect RedShield device Id information via iovation FraudForce Mobile SDK.


Since the mSDK version 2.18.0 you can use RedShield device Id information for more security reason. The device Id is sent together with the payment via OPP parameter customer.browserFingerprint.value.

To enable this feature you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Activate the feature in BIP.
  2. Import the iovation FraudForce SDK to your project.

Activate the feature in BIP

Enable the option to collect the iovation device fingerprint in BIP ('Risk Management' -> 'Risk Checks' -> 'External Checks' -> 'Retail Decisions Risk Checks' -> 'Collect DeviceId in mSDK').

Import the iovation FraudForce SDK to your project