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Follow this guide to integrate payments with YooKassa into your app.

NOTE: Ready-to-use UI doesn't support this payment method at the moment.

SDK & Your Own UI

Please follow to integrate payment form into your app and obtain payment token. Once you have a payment token, you can initiate transaction with Mobile SDK.

  1. Create payment parameters

    Create with received payment token.

    NOTE: To learn more about shopper result URL refer to Asynchronous payments guide.

    The shopperResultUrl will be sent to YooKassa as return_url in the payment creation request.

  2. Submit transaction

  3. Finalize transaction (only for PENDING)

    Once confirmation is done you should send a GET request to the callbackUrl to finalize pending transaction.

  4. Request payment status

    To get the status of the transaction, you should make a payment status request.